Sven G/M Goewie, born & raised in Hasselt, Belgium (°1974)


After studying for master’s degrees in photography and pushing a post degree in book typography at the Plantin Society he sets off to travel the world for inspiration. This steered him on a course that led to international Fashion Weeks [paris-london-milano] and creative directive work for the high end fashion industry; print-, magazine and art bookdesign. After visiting and photographed 5 of the 7 continents he finally starts with his slow landscapes (and still, as always since he was 19, his silent nudes) with medium and large format machines.


He currently lives in Antwerp where he is experimenting and searching with horrible long exposures and slow photography to find his own slowness & peace. His work explores themes of detachment, detouchment, the memories of touch (Touch™ has a memory!) isolation, distopia, the hard bouncing back echoes from the past and, yes, also the taste of your lost and cheap tears. He reverse engineers visual works, the ones with a forgotten past; with a specific visual tone of voice & storytelling, and it provides us with a totally different approach of the way we deal with that typical misery on a daily base at the end of the day.

So baby surf, just surf.